Nashville Scene: Visiting Off-the-Radar Restaurants

burger“Food, wine and a darned good time”

“One of my New Year’s resolutions is to pay more personal and public attention to restaurants that deserve it but may not be the newest or hottest properties. I like to say that we as Nashvillians often eat like crows, fixating on whatever is bright and shiny. But last year’s headlines featured several old stalwart restaurants giving up the ghost, so if we don’t continue to vote with our wallets for some of the independent restaurateurs that have been instrumental in the development of our culinary scene, we’ll most likely see more Rumbas turning into mattress stores and Mad Platters being reborn as Vui Baby’s Biscuit Cheeserie and Juice Bar.

While any time is a great time to visit an old favorite, the Nashville Originals group of independent restaurants organizes two special opportunities to patronize these spots with their Restaurant Weeks where the participating eateries offer special prix-fixe menus at reduced prices. The next Nashville Originals Restaurant Week will be Jan. 16-22, and the individual menus are still being finalized. So check back here for more info and visit the Originals website where they will be posting the menus as they are submitted.

The first old-school favorite which I revisited recently was 360 Bistro in West Meade. (Or heck, it could still be called the edge of Belle Meade, but since I grew up nearby, I’ll go with the less pretentious neighborhood moniker.) Ever since it opened more than a decade ago, 360 Bistro has been a favorite of local wine lovers who appreciate their interesting list and creative takes on seasonal cuisine. But every time I’ve visited through the years, I’ve noticed that the demographic among customers skews a little, how shall I say this nicely, more mature than most other restaurants around town. Like black-and-white television old.”

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