nick-jacobson-360-wine-bar-bistro-restaurant-aNick Jacobson

As Owner, Nick Jacobson assumes several roles. Although his main responsibility lies in the day-to-day behind the scenes organization, his presence on the floor is evident.

Awarded a degree in History from the University of Tennessee in 2003, Nick knew his future lay outside prototypical career paths. After spending two years in the financial sector at a Franklin, Tennessee venture capital fund, Nick knew it was time to reach for something he truly enjoyed. A lover of food and wine his entire life, Nick opened the restaurant in 2005. During the past nine years, he has guided the restaurant through many changes while assuming many different roles. His main emphasis now is 360’s wine program

Joe Townsend and Jameson Jones

Chef Joe Townsend and Sous Chef Jameson Jones

Chef Joe Townsend

Joe Townsend brings 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry to the kitchen of 360 Bistro. His first experience in fine dining was in 1999 at Miami’s Bamboo under Chef Rob Boone. From there, Townsend cooked in restaurants across the country, from San Francisco to New York City.

Townsend later started The Ghetto Gourmet with his brother in Oakland, Calif., in 2003. The underground dining experience received praise from the likes of San Francisco Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. Townsend moved to Nashville in 2009, where he held various back-of-house positions in celebrated Nashville restaurants such as 360 Bistro, Merchants, Moto and the former F. Scott’s before returning to 360 Bistro as chef in 2017.

Townsend and his wife, Jenni, reside in Nashville with his two pit bulls, Lola and Furious; cat, Waylon Kittings; and six chickens, Dolly, Patsy, Tanya Clucker, Miranda Lamchirp, Loretta Hen and Maggie. When he’s not taking care of his animals, Townsend can be found in his garden.

Sous Chef Jameson Jones

Born and raised in Nashville, Jameson Jones got his start in the kitchen filling in for a dishwasher on a snowy day. Jones never left the kitchen, working his way from line cook to sous chef, and today brings a great deal of talent and experience to Nashville mainstay 360 Bistro.

Prior to 360 Bistro, Jones held kitchen positions at New Orleans restaurants Appoline and Grand Isle Seafood, and Nashville restaurants Table 3 Restaurant and Market, the former F. Scott’s and Sinema. When he’s not in the kitchen, Jones enjoys playing billiards and chess, listening to music and fishing.

Brett Allen

General Manager

Ashley Thompson

Assistant General Manager